Mendelssohn String Quartets- best performance?

The Melos are ok, Juilliard ok, where are the great ones?
Try a recent recoding ('90s) of the Cherubini quartet on EMI (3cd). As to being the absolute best... I can't say!
Leipzig performs #1, Ysaye S.Q., Aurora S.Q. performs the complete. These are recommendable. If the Leipizg had the complete this may be my first choice, then the Aurora(for its intensity), and Ysaye third. Take this as personal opinion, all are very close. Have not heard the Talich S.Q. I have their Debussy/Ravel and its OK nothing more. I have the Julliard performing Debussy/Ravel, and like you find this quartet Ok, nothing more.
Read as: Leipzig performs #1 and #2