The difference between men and women, expressed in a way audiophiles can understand:
Love it, Plasma! Even got the W in a good mood. (Maybe she'll authorise the next upgrade, finally.) Where on earth did you find this?
Give us more...
I just wish I knew wich buttons I needed to push!
If you ever figured it out--it would soon be re-wired and you would be required to figure it out all over again.
What can one say?
But you've got to admit, sometimes its fun trying all of the buttons! usual, we don't know which the "on" button is??? Cheers. Craig
Yes, Carl Jung's Anima and Animus theory right on the dot, from which one is to read the gender difference sort of juxtaposed... Carl understood, that we poor males have tender and complex souls with plenty of knobs on them, whereas the female unconscious psyche is supposed to be straight and to the point and not to be fiddled with ( no need for knobs). Aw well...that was Carl Jung....(-;
I printed the picture and put it on my wife's pillow last night. She loved it. Some of you happily married folk might want to try it...... thanks Plasmatronic!
J.C. Penny once said that there were three cardinal rules
for a successful business,
1. Simplify
2. Simplify
3. Simplify
In high-end audio...much of the same is true....but in the
male vs. female....this has not always proved to be the case.
Odd that most high-end components have fewer controls...
and entry level components............
Personally, I enjoy playing with all the buttons and knobs and wouldn't have it any other way. That's not to say I know what they all do, though...
Swampwalker, Garfish, and Fpeel - don't stop tryin' all those buttons!