Member Almarg passed away last night

Al ( @almarg ) passed away peacefully yesterday evening, September 14th, 2020.

Margaret, Al's wife, was by his side most of the afternoon.

Both she and Al, as well as Al's family, were deeply touched by the outpouring of respect and appreciation for Al from members who, via written word, shared so very much in the 'Update on Audiogon Member Almarg' thread.

 Margaret extends her thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all members. She treasures each and every post.
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Dear friends:A great human been lost. A true reference for me and for the audio world. Rest in peace.

may he rest in peace , and god bless him and all !
Looking through the threads today, I am thinking of how not only was Al the smartest person in the room, but how he would gently steer the erroneous person back towards the answer with grace and patience. Al is very missed.
Just became aware of dear Almarg's death, so sad, so very sad.  
I don’t come here nearly as often as before and just happened to see this thread. It surprised me and gave me a chill. So sorry to hear about Al. I didn't know him, but he helped me many times with email advice on equipment and electronics. Always a gentleman and always willing to help a stranger. Just a very good person. He was also one of the most knowledgeable audiophiles that I have come across. I hope he is resting with the angels now. The forums and the audio world lost a prince of man.