Member Almarg passed away last night

Al ( @almarg ) passed away peacefully yesterday evening, September 14th, 2020.

Margaret, Al's wife, was by his side most of the afternoon.

Both she and Al, as well as Al's family, were deeply touched by the outpouring of respect and appreciation for Al from members who, via written word, shared so very much in the 'Update on Audiogon Member Almarg' thread.

 Margaret extends her thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all members. She treasures each and every post.
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As a few have alluded to, Al IS that example we should all aspire too. I simply cannot thank Al enough for that. It is not easy, yet his example will persist forevermore.

Margaret, my condolences to you with prayers asking for comfort from the Lord above. And thoughts of Al being warmly greeted at the Pearly Gates.

David, thank you so much for your kindness toward Al, his family, and to us all.

Douglas Schroeder and others, much appreciation for your having reached out to Al.
@david_ten thank you for everything you have done to keep us posted.

Such a sad day in the Audiogon world. Al was the epitome of everything this place could be. He set an example we should all look to follow.  Apart from that, he was a friend. I’m honored to have gotten to know him. God bless you, Al. Peace to Margaret and the family...
david_ten, thank you for being the bearer of the sadness...never a pleasant weight, but appreciated by all. :(

Sleep well, Al.
Your energy now surrounds us, and we join you soon enough. 🌹
I can imagine years from now I'll be searching for some info and I will come across something that Al posted......and I'll smile.

The printed word lives on.
Very sad news. Always was insightful, RIP Al