Member Almarg passed away last night

Al ( @almarg ) passed away peacefully yesterday evening, September 14th, 2020.

Margaret, Al's wife, was by his side most of the afternoon.

Both she and Al, as well as Al's family, were deeply touched by the outpouring of respect and appreciation for Al from members who, via written word, shared so very much in the 'Update on Audiogon Member Almarg' thread.

 Margaret extends her thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all members. She treasures each and every post.
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I always found his posts filled with insight and common sense.
I'm so sorry.  Almarg's post were always insightful and detailed.  I'm sorry for you loss.

I am very sorry to hear of Al's passing.  He was a great help to many, myself included.  His hobby here seemed to be helping people as much as it was audio.  
My condolences to Margaret and family. I've had a heavy heart since hearing the news of Al's illness. As I logged onto the forum each day, there was a noticeable absence, I'm sure other members felt it as well.
Al was the elder statesmen of Audiogon, we all appreciated the knowledge he shared, how devoted he was to problem solving, and his respect and kindness toward all of us.

I will truly miss the email notifications stating "You have a message from Almarg."

I hope there will be beautiful music for Al during his final rest.

His knowledge was exceeded only by his kindness. Truly one of a kind and he will be deeply missed.