Melos vs ARC

I listend to a Sha-Gold many years ago, but the sonic signature escapes me......

Cany anyone remind me how the Sha-Gold would compare against a ARC LS-15 or LS-22?

If I recall the ARC is a bit more antalitical? While the Melos is more warm sounding.
The two ARC line stages you list here are indeed analytical. And they are also much more expensive than the SHA-Gold. The Melos 333 was a line stage in a while different class of musicality ..... as was the ARC LS5. If you want to get a taste of incredibly warmth and musicality, examples from these companys' products in the 90s, the 333 and LS5 are the two to check out....but consider the BAT VK5 is a great competitor in the same price range and musicality. Some great stuff from the 90s that on the used market make it next to impossible to justify buying new pieces today at the same price as these used.
Melos had better soundstaging and was warmer (also typically more musical to my ears) - but you are going back quite a bit in my memory. A friend of mine has one and insists that it is easy and well-worth considering to upgrade a few key internal components (including some internal wiring for better channel separation). Perhaps worth considering!

I personally would check out the little air tight line stage which has exceptional sounstaging...

hope that helps,
Melos stage is wall to wall..With some upgrade of parts. Caps, wire, volume controls, bypass of some unused swiching.Quite the stager..Tom
Hey thanks for the advice. After giving it some thought I do remember listening to a LS-22. It was a bit cool sounding as far as tube go.