Melos MAT-180 tube amp- anyone heard it?

Considering this amp to drive difficult load (Totem Mani-2's @ 85 db/4 ohms). Any experiences re: sonic qualities?? (no comments necessary on them going out of business; changing owners; etc.- know the story). Just curious if its a good sounding amp!
Yes,I have heard of it.Call or email:Melos audio Restorations at (702)248-6745 or Fax:(702)248-7267.Ask for Brant or Willard.Email or should be able to help you out.I had them service & upgrade my MA333R pre-amp.They are really nice guys and do a pretty quick turn around at that as well.Good Luck! & If your needing a pre-amp & a seperate power supply"Class-A" I have one for sale.Enjoy the Music.Ca Ya, Dean.
I don't know your speaker but for 85 db sensitivity I would suggest a pair of the Melos 400 watt monoblocks. There are various models out there. I use a pair of customized Soloists (their last model) with the Dunlavy SC-V's which are about 93 db sensitivity. They sound great and have excellent headroom.
Thanks to both of you.

Pls1- unfortunately, monoblocks are out of the question. Currently, have only one shelf available (no more room), therefore has to be a single chassis- thanks for the suggestion though.

Dean505- might be interested in the preamp- but have never heard it...
I have a Melos MAT-180 and I drive North Creek Rythym speakers (88db) to very loud levels. I have had the amp for two years and enjoy it very much. I think for the money they are a great buy.