Melos MA333 Reference upgrade worthwhile from MAR

Has anyone had any experience with Melos Audio Restorations MA-333 preamp Reference upgrade? MAR has upgraded my MA-333 with Solen caps and resitors about a year ago which made an improvement in extention.

The reference upgrade removes all mosfets in the circuit to make it a total tube preamp amoung many other changes to the 6922 tube circuitry.
Thanks for your time.
In addition, I am looking for power cord recommendations for the Melos MA333, Plinius SA-100 and Sony SCD777ES.
Thanks for your time.
i can't say whether or not this upgrade is worthwhile, but at some point, it is something i will have done to my music-director. what i'd *really* like is for m.a.r. to come out w/a more reliable version of the photentiometer - an amazingly transparent volume pot, much better than the alps that replaced it for reliability reasons.

re: power cords, i use the stock cord, but the pre is hooked up to a vans evers unlimiter. as far as power cords go, i am considering making my own w/a recipe from john risch's diy cables website. i am not ready to drop big money on powercords...

I have the Maestro and want to upgrade my alps volume to the photentiometer also. I upgraded the output caps and the sound is better.
dra, the alps *was* the "upgrade" for the old photentiometer. while still a nice pot, it doesn't sound as good as the photentiometer, but it's reliable. m.a.r. is considering developing a newer, more reliable version of the photentiometer, but it may never happen. :<(

dact audio, maker of excellent ladder attenuators, that have just one resistor in the signal path, are also planning on developing a remote-controlled version. this, too, would be an upgrade over the alps pot. someday... meantime, i'm not giving up my remote-control! ;~)

doug s.

You should try a Sahuaro Audio power cord on your melos. I tryed the one called the slip stream, A big improvement. The power cords look a litte strange but boy do they work. I think the web site is