Melos ma 333 with a cary V12i running JBL CF150's

I have a chance to put this system together right now. Just looking for opinions on what people may think of the marriage of these 2 pieces
Don't know anything about the Cary, but i owned the Melos ma333 and i wish i still had it. It sounded glorius.......
This is what I keep reading everywhere. This one is MINT. It went through a well respected dealer who doesn't give praise where it isn't do and he said MINT. So I am excited to hear what all the fuss is about. I have a Harmon Kardon Citation II right now and I am looking at getting the Jim Mcshane kit installed or the Cary.
I have an MA333G-balanced that I have used for years with Cary 2A3SE monoblocks. It's a very good preamp and combination. Luckily my early MA333G uses standard volume pots, rather than the optocoupler volume control that was prown to failure in later versions of this preamp. For a time Melos Audio Restoration was servicing and modifying the old Melos products. There is a rumor about that Mark Porzilli may get back into that business.
I did read that somewhere as well about Mark. Thanks for the reply.
Well I picked it up today. WOW. This is the plus series model. I now know why you wish you still had yours streetdaddy. Once again guys thanks for the responses.