Melos MA-333 Upgrade Caps

I have a Melos MA-333. It has eight Solen 10 uf 630v and four 1.0 uf 630v coupling caps. What caps would you consider upgrading to? The preamp has a very extended sound top to bottom with very good detail and dynamics. I am looking for a little more texture to the sound. I want to keep any replacement caps to the size of the Solen caps for easy installation and limit any additional changes requirements for installation.

I was considering Auri and Clarity replacement caps.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Hi Bigkidz,

The question you are asking may be a little hard to answer. The Caps will make a big difference in the sound. But if it's better or not, only you can decide. There are a lot of cap reviews and shoot-outs on the web. But ultimately your the best judge. The 4 1uf caps would be the cheapest and if they are the coupling caps should make the biggest difference. There is also a lot of choices in this range. I use the Mundorf Silver-Oil and love them. I've also used Obligato's and they were nice. But other people will surely disagree. That is why it is hard to tell you what you will like. By the way what is in it now in the 1uf position?
All of the coupling caps are Solen. I was looking at the Mundorf caps but the 10 uf are 4" in length. The larger Solens are 2"H x 1.25 dia. The smaller ones are 1"H x 3/4" dia. I am trying to keep them close to the same size and values just to see what happens. I read about the Obligato's but the reviewer said the lacked some of the lower frequencies.