Melos Audio restoration

Does anyone out there know what`s happened to Will or Jerry,I get no responce from e-mail & land lines are diconected.Any news would help as I hae 2 sick monoblocks.Thank you all.Luke
Will passed away last November. Their shop disappeared without a trace along with my preamp that was in for repair. You can track Jerry down at, or email me. I have his number. He was no help to me however in locating Will's wife or my equipment. It's a shame things ended as disgracefully as they did.
Yes i figured something like that happened. I live 1/2 mile from the old shop in las vegas I pass there everyday. I didnt know they kept the equipment and didnt return to the owners. I was In the shop, when it was up and running Will was the main guy there his helper just did soldering ect. Every time idtalk to him youd get that deer in headlights look from him. (NOT GOOD). There was MANY units there pry around 30-40. I will stop by the offices there on Valley veiw blvd and find out if there was a forwarding address since he has peoples equipment.
To be helpful, I've found a very capable technician and amp builder, Bene,
here in Atlanta :
He has repaired/restored/modded my Melos SE 75's monoblocks to be deadly quiet with more headroom than before.
- Not affiliated other than to say Bene has become a friend. A deserved "plug".
Referrals are the way to go in this world.