Melos Audio MA200 PH: your opinions, please

I have the chance to purchase this preamp and I may even listen to it in my my own own rig.
But I must confess that I don't know much about it and the test will be necessarily short, I cannot keep it for weeks and I won't have much time for listening these days.
So I'm asking you comments about the general characteristics (talkin' about sound) of the preamp, would it be a good match with my ARC 100.2 power amp and B&W 804s speakers, would it better my ARC LS7 or not... and moreover about reliability: I know Melos does not exist anymore and M.A.R. neither, but are these devices frail or flimsy ?
my ARC LS7 is not much younger but never had a problem up to date... what about Melos in your experience ?

thanks, ciao
Thanks Steuspeed.
Meanwhile I have brought the Melos home as a loan and this morning I started some listening.
Well, compared to my ARC LS7 (retubed by Siemens NOS), it sure shows a wider frequency extension, it goes higher and lower, and more details and control.
But there's something that sounds innatural to me in the mids, namely voices.
And moreover it "hisses" very much, due to tubes: during pauses in the music or pianissimos, it can be heard from the lisetening point and that's quite annoying.
Looks like the phono section is great.

Just the very first impressions.
Daniele, I am a little confused by the model #. I own a Melos 222c preamp with built in phono section and separate power supply. I am aware of a 220 phono section and a 210 line stage; never heard of a 200. In your comment you suggest that "looks like the phone section is great". So, it has a line stage and phono section? Is it in one chassis, or does it have a separate ps? Are you sure you are not to referring to the 222?

Anyway,I know the 222 very well and have heard the 220 phono section. I agree with Steuspeed re the build quality (adequate at best, although the circuit board, layout and parts are good). But, I disagree with him about the sound. They are fine sounding pieces and IMO a least on a par with the AR pieces you are comparing it to. They definitely benefit from good tubes as far as noise is concerned.
Tubes can make a big difference. Who knows what kind of tubes were in the piece I heard. As far as noise goes a good pin cleaning and silver contact paste might clean up the noise. Junk can build up on the tube plates too. I give mine a good finger flick if they start acting up. Make sure your volume is very low or off when you do it. Tube sockets can get corroded too. Exercise the tube in the socket to clean up the contact points.