Melos 202 could use some servicing...

I recently purchased one of these units, originally a 200 updated to 202 by Melos audio restoration way back when they were in business, there's been an issue with V5. The tube intermittently redplates. If I turn the power off and immediately back on it resets and once totally warm it will be fine.
I need a schematic to get it serviced. Does anyone have or know how I can find a schematic I can provide an excellent local engineer with so I can get this awesome sounding amp into perfect working order?
Please help
This amp should not be allowed to die
Did you try contacting Mark to see what he has available? I am in New Jersey and could take a look at the amp if you are close by. Email me at

I heard back from Mark. It looks like Melos is planning a return...
He was able to offer some advice regarding the mosfets used that tended to over heat because of inadequate heatsinks...
My local guy still wants a schematic so he can pinpoint the exact issue rather than working from a suggestion

To that end it's been suggested I try to contact George Bischoff who designed the circuit. I tried contacting him through george mark audio, which has a live website but from never ending rings and emails that bounced back immediately seems to no longer be a functioning business.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with George these days?
I'm excited that there are future upgrades coming through a new Melos but still want to get the amp running properly as it stands today.