Melody Gardot, Live in Europe

Because I bought and enjoyed Diana Krall, Live in Paris, thanks to those who shared about it, I took a chance and bought Melody Gardot, Live in Europe. It is a 2-cd set.  Similar music.  Many songs sound just as good on my system as  DK’s cd.  Ms. Gardot has a lovelier voice, in my opinion.  So far, I am through the fist cd.  Very original in places. Slow and sultry in most. But, “The Rain” will give your speakers an 11 minute sonic workout. I highly recommend it.
Oh my. I am listening to the 2nd cd. Even better. “March for Mingus” has piano, base and wind sections that are a blast and make me proud of my little system. Best $20 I have spent in a while. Darker and livelier in places than Krall’s cd. But, in my opinion as good or better.  Music like this is why I have a good stereo and no wife.
“Bad News” is just plain mind-blowing, like a lot of the good parts of a great blues song, a great jazz sound, and a roucas female ballad, all boiling around my living room for 11 minutes. Left me breathless.
+1 on the quality and tonal range of M.Gardot when compared to D.K...If you aren't familiar with M.G.'s personal backstory you should check it out.Absolutely amazing what she has overcome...
Waiting On my 180 gram vinyl of Gardots Live in Europe, already a fan from her previous releases. As far as DK I will always be a fan as well, they are quite different to my ear.
Her last album, Currency of Man, is my all time top 20 favorite. The first 6 tracks on the album are just out of this world. 
Thanks arafiq. That will be my next buy. I agree she sounds pretty different from Krall. But, one female live cd led me to another. Gardot is darker and has a softer voice. I just really like live stuff, and hers is darn good. Its amazing how good, powerful music in almost any genre can get the adrenaline going.


MG is a little dark compared to her contemporaries.

Happy Listening!

Ok I’ve read enough. I’m ordering that set. I wonder does it come in love format also?
Please excuse my ignorance. I dont know what love format is. I dont know if it is available in Vinyl, as that will be my next round of upgrades. But, it does have a lovely photo of the back of a woman on the cover of the cd.