Melody Gardot Live

Finally a video of Melody Gardot that gets at her extraordinary live performances. She puts 99% of the grammy nominees to shame, live or recorded. Too bad popular American taste is so cretinous.
Wow! What a tight rhythm section. And that cello solo -- wow again! Would love to have this concert on CD. Melody -- more recordings, please! PS -- For fun, check out the ad melody did for Renault France --
She is a class act for sure, and definitely not to be missed live!
really nice,

sounds like it has a bit of a beatnik sound

I have not heard her perform like that in her studio albums
Thanks for the link. I'm a HUGE Nelody Gardot fan and agree with your 99% statement.
Stewie, Thank you for the link. I loved it.

I had been wishing for Melody Gardot to put out a new CD with new songs. But now I am wishing for a new CD with her past songs--LIVE!!!
Great band! Thanks for posting the clip!
She became my favorite about a year ago .
Outstanding singer. Wish she'd come out with a new recording.
"I had been wishing for Melody Gardot to put out a new CD with new songs. But now I am wishing for a new CD with her past songs--LIVE!!!"

Great idea, Don. I posted a year and a half ago about her live concert in Portland. Much as I loved her two albums, _My One and Only Thrill_ especially, nothing could have prepared me--or anyone else in the audience--for that concert. It was in a small somewhat ratty theater (sorry Aladdin), and she and her band just stomped. I actually thought the string arrangements here and there on the albums were slightly overdone. The concert took everything in an entirely different and unpredictable direction.
I like her too, but there is no reason for her to keep clapping while the guys are playing. In my opinion not in good taste. I have been to many live jazz clubs including singers and part of the allure is hearing the soloists as well. She does need to come out with a new cd. Please drop the glasses you are a beautiful women.

Melody Gardot wears dark glasses because her accident left her sensitive to light. When she first started performing she walked with a cane and needed a stool or bench to sit on. It is good to see her doing "stand up". If you watch the video, her movements might seem a little stiff. I hope she keeps getting healthier.