Melody CD-M10 vs Opera Audio Forbidden City Orfeo?


Both of these made in China players seem to offer a lot of bang-for-the-buck. I had been planning on spending quite a bit more on a player than the cost of either of these. However, given the current state of digital, I believe it would be wise to be prudent.

The Melody CD-M10 is a 75 pound beast, tube output 24/192 oversampling player. The brand new Opera Orfeo is all solid-state, non-oversampling (NOS). The Orfeo is also hefty at about 39 pounds and is essentially an upgraded CD-120 linear.

Does anyone have any thoughts about either of these players? I do realize the Orfeo is very new. The CD-M10 costs about $500 more than the Orfeo. Thanks.

forget em and check out a rogue cronus
I did not know that the Rogue Cronus was a CD player.....