Meldhau, Raitt

2 new albums that help make the audiophile life worthwhile: Brad Mehldau's "Ode", and Bonnie Raitt's "Slipstream". Brad sounds better than ever...nice cymbal tone and great balance on cool tunes, and Bonnie, well Bonnie is a national treasure at this point and even uses a fave of mine, Bill Frisell.
I agree that the new Bonnie Raitt is excellent. It actually sounds like the old Bonnie Raitt. Haven't heard the other one mentioned.
Been a fan of Bonnie since hearing her at a local bar/music hall ca 1972 or 3. It's taken me a bit to appreciate the new one but its growing on me w each play.
I really like most of Mehldau's work. I wish more of his work is available on vinyl, SACD or high rez digital formats....thanks for posting, I'll try this new album...
Yeah...I limit myself to mostly redbook CDs or lossless files into an upsampling DAC (or LPs), but both of these (only mentioned together because they arrived at about the same time) seem to have superior sonics, and music!