Melco. SongKong

Is anyone familiar with this software?  I have complained in many forums that most Music management software works poorly for Classical   Melco has apparently addressed this head on.  However, I currently have a Synology NAS with lots of remaining capacity that works well and I wasn’t looking to add another server.  I am also wondering if I did bite and get a Melco, if the organization system ( SongKong) would extend to the items currently on my NAS if I don’t move them.
  Melco dealers are a rare thing in these parts.  I know dealers that can get the units, but they know nothing about them, which is why I am turning here for support
Mahler - I only just saw this post. Melco's latest products now have SongKong and Minim Server integrated into the system, but both still require a license for the full service. I believe both have multiple installs with the license, so you should be able to run the SK & MS on your NAS drive, which should also be able to interface with the Melco. I have a discrete hard drive connected to my Melco with separate files that I access through the my music renderer connected to the Melco. Minim Server, Song Kong and Melco collaborated with  Melco for this latest version. I have had mine for nearly two years and recently did the factory upgrade for this. I am still challenged with the file management - but that is more my own technological lacking in this regard. The intent of the collaboration between the three is to facilitate a qualitative management of your music library.
Thanks for the reply.  The “I’m still challenged by the file management “ comment is telling.  I have since making this post used some 3rd party apps that while not perfect are at least a leg up on Melco and a football field better than Bryston’s Manic Moose.  So before I throw more money away and set myself up for additional aggravation I’ll just stay status quo.