Melco n1a vs Lumin D1 sound quality

I had the LuminD1. Now I'm have the Melco N1a on the way. What does anybody who has owned both think?
I got I got melco runnng today.  Running it through my Resonessence Mirus Pro. Sounds great. Sound more open than Lumin d1 with great soundstage. Sound quality 9.5 out of 10. My one complaint is that It doesn't have its own app. Needs to be easier to operate.  However, sound quality is in spades!
Happy with the sound. Had a long listening session today.  Best sound quality server. Functionality still quirky. But the sound is worth it!
This melco is really good and for the price I'm very happy. I'm running it through my Resonessence Mirus Pro Dac. I'm a fan now. The top of the line one must be the bomb!
This melco is a star! More transparent and open than Lumin 
The Lumin is its smooth analogue alter ego. But the resolution and transparency  in the melco is special 
I haven't heard the Lumin but do have the Melco N1ZH and agree with your findings including the quirky app, which app have you found works best.

Linn kazoo
Over an iPad or tablet?