Melco E100/N 100 Combination

There aren’t a lot of Melco threads here, so I thought this might be a useful thread for people looking for improved CD transport and streaming options.  I have had a Melco N 100 for a bit over a year now.  This is a 2TB
NAS/streamer.  I just added the E100, which is an Optical disc player.
  The N100 added Tidal, Qobuz and Internet Radio support after I started using third part apps.  I am not sure about other streaming services.  The N100 is easily recognized by other UPNP devices (such as Oppo 105 and 203) that reside in other systems in the home.  I listen primarily to Classical and the file organization is easily the best that I have encountered, and I’ve tried several.  Melco offers a software program for $500 that is supposed to refine that further, but I haven’t needed it.  Most importantly, the N100 simply sounds excellent.  For comparison I was using a Synology NAS with the Bryston BDP3, which was no slouch sonically either, but the Melco sounds bigger, more open, more transparent (Vinylistas will probably say “less digital, more analog like”).
  Initially I was burning CDs with an Apple Optical Drive connected with the Melco by usb, and those rips sound excellent to me.  However, I was also looking to improve my CD Transport capabilities, so I bought the E100.
It’s early days, but using it as a transport only, it is a significant upgrade over my previous transport, an Oppo 105.  I’ve only played CDs that I am extremely familiar with, and there is a wealth of low level detail as well as a solidity to the whole presentation that was formerly missing.  I haven’t been able to compare CD rips, since a CD previously ripped won’t be accepted twice by the E100.  As someone who had made multiple rips of the same CD to the Bluesound Vault before discovering that the player makes a separate file for each rip, and that deleting the redundant rips is a PITA, this is a nice feature.
   The Melco has been easy peasy to operate, finding my network easily, the 2 units simply working together from the get go .  The total cost was about $2500, and besides having great streaming gives an excellent CD transport and significant storage.  My comparison has been Bluesound, which is inferior sonically and and has had many technical issues, and the Bryston, which sounded great but was buggy as all get up (I sold it off to finance most of the Melco).  I can’t compare Innuos, Aurender, or other streamers, having no personal experience, but they would have along way to go to beat the combination of sound, ease of use, and value on offer here
The dealer is here in Agon.  He seems like a real nice stand up guy.  Since I am not being critical I will mention his name-Anthony Perotta 
Did you mean *D*100/N100 combo?

The cost for both is $2500? I get $3450 on the net. Is it competitive with blusound vault? SQ worth it?
Yes, I did.  I also added the E100.  Blows away Bluesound.  My cost for each unit was about 1200 U.S. each.  You will need a DAC