Melco dealers or owners

Need a little help please. Have not been able to get a definitive answer. I have a Melco NA1EX and want to use the Ethernet input in the Bricasti M3. I realize I still need the USB connected ( not sure why)   
Great thru USB but would like to try its with the EtherRegen in place thru the Ethernet. 
I have enabled file sharing and the Melco is in bridged mode. Not sure what I am missing here. 
any help would be awesome as always. 
The Melco is a great player. A big step up from the Aurender,Lumin’s,Cary and Auralic’s I have had. 


Did you had a chance to check the manual? Check out page 7 thru 11. 


Yes I have been thru it a few times. 
I can stream Qobuz and files thru USB with no problem

No luck thru the Ethernet set up even though I can stream Qobuz controlled by Roon to the Bricasti thru the Melco where the Melco is basically a switch   EtherRegen is in the chain. Sounds really good but I want to run the streaming services off the Melco instead of the Bricasti and try to eliminate USB from the chain and concentrate on Ethernet. 

Hello benzman!

I own a Melco N1A. My principal streamer is a Bricasti M5 functioning as Roon endpoint.

Only way Melco can function as your streamer is to connect it to a DAC by USB.

Melco functions as a high quality NAS via it’s inbound ethernet connection. Melco functions as a one port switch via its outbound ethernet port, which also functions as an ethernet line purifier.

If your Bricasti M3 has a streaming board, then it can function as your streamer.

Alternatively, if not utilizing your Melco connected to your DAC via USB,  you will need a network player (like a Bricasti M5 or Bluesound Node or  whatever) in play ahead of your DAC. The network player could be connected to ethernet cable connected to Melco or not. Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.




jazzman7 beat me to it.


I use the Melco N100 as a player in my two channel system, via usb to my DAC, but essentially use it as a NAS when I want to stream from other 2 systems in the house, via ethernet.  I have used the Melco as a NAS in my two channel system with an Oppo 105 via ethernet but since the Melco sounds so much better into the same DAC haven't done this often

btw there is a good Melco Facebook group that can answer any question usually really quickly

Thanks for the replies and  a special thanks to Jazzman7


Stu took time with me and walked me thru so I am now streaming Melco files thru  Ethernet into the Bricasti M3 w/ network card.using Roon. So much better than USB and taking advantage of the Melco's filtering and the EtherRegen in the chain.

The Gon community comes thru again.  Thanks Stu!!