Melbourne labs phono stage.. 500 bucks reasonable?

Hey guys, i have a melbourne labs phono stage that i borrowed from a freind. It is a dual mono unit with external power supply. Its a tube phono stage with a grey anodized face and no marking as to a model. He built the unit and I am curious as to value of this thing. I think it sounds pretty awesome, but can i do better for 500 bucks for this one?? Seems to be around 5 years old.

Thanks guys - Evan
Hey guys, im going to try and get out to listen to some other phono preamps and see what I think. If anyone has suggestions as to what to listen too for 500 or less, im game on new and used stuff.

If it is a Welbourne Labs phonostage, then it is a great piece, for a great price. I built one, and it is very quiet, moderate gain, and sound lovely. I had it for years, till I built another.