Meitner SACD1000 owners....

Should I avoid purchasing one of these units used or with the identified fixes in place, is it operating fine? I'm looking for a reasonably priced transport that allows my DAC to operate as the master clock (via BNC connection). I also like the fact that this unit has balanced digital out - a noce fit with my pro DAC.

The Meitner SACD 1000 lines up nicely with my requirements but I do not want to get one if it is going to plauged with problems. Please advise and thanks in advance for your feedback.
i really wouldn't do it unless they've been operated on by alex peychev. any one that he hasn't personally fixed will die again sooner or later.

that having been said, i think that the SACD-1000 can't be clocked externally except by an emmlabs device.

i could be wrong about that, though.

the good news is that alex peychev can take the Emmlabs digital module out of the SACD-1000 and apply it to a Denon 3910 which gives it all the functionality of the Meitnerized SACD-1000 without any of the reliability issues.

the only caveat is you have to supply your own module. if you need help locating one, send me a PM.
Can the the so called "dead units" still be used as a transport for CD's or do the problems extend beyond SACD playback? Thanks.
I have a Philips SACD-1000 with the emmLabs module installed by emmLabs. The module is perfect but the SACD-1000 failed. As Lazarus28 suggests, you could have Alex Paychev install the emmLabs module in the Denon 3910 and retain all the functionality of the Meitnerized SACD-1000 but without all the failure problems of the SACD-1000.
The emmLabs module listed at $1500 installed in the owner's player.
I'll sell my SACD-1000 with the installed emmLabs module as is for $550 including shipping in the US.
I agree with all of the above. I owned the SACD 1000 before I bought the CDSD. I was told by the people at EMM Labs that it would ultimately fail. I sold it before it did.

Having said that I would go on to add that IMO there is simply no better front end digital gear sold today. For those who read this thread and who also own the SACD 1000, I have a perfect extra CDSD that I am selling at a blow out price. Please e-mail me if interested.