Meitner Museatex AT-2 turntable

I'm fascinated by the Meitner AT-2 turntable and the concept of platterless design. Does anyone know about these turntables. I can't find much info, nor can I find a used one. Do people hold onto these forever, or were there just not many ever made?

Thanks in advance for any info you might offer.

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They're not very good with thin records.
Many years ago I saw a Meitner turntable for sale at a local audio salon. The design was unusual, too unusual
to purchase at the time. During recent years I recall that table and have wanted to purchase one so I check the Meitner space on Audiogon regularly to see if one is available. I wish you luck in finding one but don't be
surprised to see it already sold if I see it first. I am
happy to see that someone else appreciated that futuristic
geometric look.
If you are referring to the "platterless" turntable, I heard it at the Stereophile show in NYC some years back. I am a big Meitner fan, but this turntable I thought was a disater. There is no way to flatten the record, so there was severe audible pitch instability (wow). Remember, even without a clamp, the mere act of laying an lp on a flat surface (platter), will tend to flatten it to a degree. I remember being surprised that a company such as Meitner would demonstrate something as obviously flawed as this. It did look very cool, 'though.
I am a long time member of audiogon, Todays date is 12-20-2012 I have one of his tables serial#0720, I dont think Ed Meitner made 40 of these tables I think it couldnt have been over 12 or so. I was a personal freind of Jon Michell of transcriptor fame. He took over the Transcriptor license from Dave Gammon in 1973, when David moved to Ireland, and let Jon have the license to manufacture the transcriptor in England. They were freinds and had facilitys next to each other. Jons Machine shop was a small and dirty machine shop( before CNC), when you had to stop and Mic your work. Jon told me you wouldnt have a problem playing a 180 gram record, but if it wasnt a German or Japan pressing, but advised puting a black 100%