Meitner MA1 V2 upgrade - worth it?

Hi All.  I have a Meitner MA1 DAC that I like very much.  There is a new (not inexpensive) hardware upgrade to V2 - at $2,600 Australian (around $2k US).  I was wondering if anyone has done/heard this upgrade (V1 vs. V2) and if so what are the differences and your thoughts on whether it's $2k (US) worth.  Thanks in advance.
I recently upgraded my ma-1 to version 2. If you can afford it, do it. It improves on the ma-1 version 1  in all respects. When i 1st  listened to the upgrade, the things that caught my attention was that there was a great increase in detail , bass output and definition. Next i heard an increase air and space around the vocals and instruments. The attack of percussion instrument seem faster and more sudden. The overall sound just seem richer and more vibrant. The upgrade to version 2 made a great improvement over version 1 and for the money was worth more than the  price asked.
I didn't know this upgrade existed.  I will be contacting Emm to see if they can upgrade my DAC2x.  I have the latest firmware update, but not the latest hardware update.  

I love it.