Meitner/EMM Labs Firmware Upgrade = Sonic Bliss

As some of you know EMM Labs/Meitner has just released a MAJOR Firmware Upgrade for the DAC2x and MA-1.

I have the MA-1 and here is my impressions on the differences in the sonics after the upgrade.


OK, So far I hear HUGE dynamics with more lifelike harmonics, better imaging, separation of instruments, with a bigger sound-stage, cleaner-less noise, not that it was noisy before, better spacial cues. Better leading and trailing edge. Highs that go ever so high but are not harsh but clean, in a natural way. Better timing and pace, so more musical...etc.

And I can go on and on. I do not know how they could do so much of a sonic improvement with just a Firmware Upgrade.

Two of the PCM hirez albums I used. Lang Lang, Rachmaninoff:Piano Concert No, 3 (24/176) and Dave Brubeck, Concord on a Summer Night.

I have not tried DSD yet.

Contact your dealer or EMM LABS or Meitner for the firmware.
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Too bad, I have one as well. Still sounds damn good to me, though, so I think we can take some solace in that.
I received instructions to download and upgrade the new firmware and assume it was done correctly as I am hearing music. The upgrade does lower the noise floor, create more air between instruments and increased resolution without sounding analytical. It is amazing so many improvements were made to the presentation and soundstage with just a software upgrade, but Ed Meitner has done it. I tried a DSD file I downloaded and it did not play back. It makes me wonder if I didn't load the new drivers correctly or if there is change on my JRiver settings needed. A final comment; up to this point I much preferred my SPIF connection from my Baetis Music Server as it sounded superior even on DSD files converted back to PCM on the fly through JRiver. This upgrade from EMM Labs has greatly improved the sound via USB I am now preferring it to the SPDIF. I will continue to listen and report back later if this isn't the case and I stick with the SPDIF connection that comes right off the mother board of my Baetis. Until this upgrade, the SPDIF was clearly superior to all who listened to my system.
After much frustration and some help from Hifimaniac I finally got this upgrade loaded and fully functional. Prior to it's installation my dacx2 and the rest of my system sounded great to me. After firmware upgrade it still sounds GREAT. Once upgrade loaded you no longer have the luxury of going back and forth to compare. My memory may not be as good as others. I will say it seems to function more smoothly now. You use to have to wait once it was completely powered down. Now I have total functionality instantly. I wonder what the firmware upgrade was suppose to improve? I would ask emm labs but good luck getting a response. I will continue to listen. Maybe at some point, I will think, wow, didn't sound that way before. Who knows?
FYI! Below is a copy of an announcement from EMM/Meitner on their Facebook page for the 2014 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show being held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 8-10th of August 2014.

"Meitner Audio and EMM Labs are also also extremely excited to show our platform changing MDAT2 DSP updates for all our current DACs.

More than a year in development and 1000s of hours in testing, the new MDAT2 DSP update brings all of our current DACs to that next level of audio performance. Accuracy, transparency, soundstage and low level detail all greatly enhanced and refined. This free and large update for all our current DACs provides the listener an even more immersive experience and further brings the music to life."

Maybe the update will be posted on their web site by the time the show starts or is over.

The firmware updates are specific to products they are for. You must not use MA-1 firmware to update a DAC2X for example. The MDAT2 DSP update is for all current products that have a DAC.

Also it is my understanding that the updates should be posted on the web sites AROUND the 15-18 of August, hopefully