Meitner EMM DAC6e Redbook Performance

Everyone is raving about this DAC, but I have not seen much written about its abilities with redbook CD.

Would anyone care to comment who has real experience with its redbook capabilities? I understand that it converts the redbook signal to DSD. Comparisons to other top-flight redbook players are welcome.

Thank you.
I am surprised you have not heard the raves about the redbook performance- that's the reason 90% of Emm labs owners are using it(myself included). Yes most all of us listen to SACD and it is unbelievable, however, I have 250 SACD's and 2000 Redbook CD's so I would not have a player that would perform poorly with the large majority of my collection. I have not heard a redbook player that is better. I have owned Accuphase seperates, Audio Aero Capitole MkII, Sony 9000es, Philips SACD1000 and have listened to nearly all high end digital pieces and the Emm labs is so different from anything I have heard- there is a level or resolution which has to be heard to understand. The distortion is SO low, it actually takes a little getting used to- it makes everything else sound chuck-full-o-digititus.

Try and arrange an audition to see what we're all talking about- I suspect you will be very pleased with what you hear.
I bought it for Redbook and considered the SACD a bonus. I have owned or tried MANY of the best available (the best by Linn, dCS, Accuphase, Audio Aero, Cary, Sonic Frontiers, Audio Research and Wadia) and, for MY tastes and in MY system, nothing could match the combination the EMM Labs offers in the way of resolution, detail, trasparency, lack of distortion ALL while presenting the music without etch, glare, digititis or any unnatural edge (and my speakers with the diamond tweeters will reveal the "warts" so to speak if the source isn't up to snuff). But, as always, YMMV.

All of my comments apply to Redbook (and SACD is fabulous as well).

Try to get an audition in your home if possible. If not, if you are ever in the Detroit metro area, stop by and you can hear it at my place. Hope this helps.

My experience with the Dac6e is the same as Fmpnd and Tireguy. I play 99% redbook on mine. It betters my previous Audiomeca Mephisto II, IIX and Cary 303-200.
PS - if your last name is Welch, I will pay your airfare!!
My experience is similar to the others. I have 1,000+ CD's in my collection. I was looking for the best CD player I could find, price relatively no object. I bought the Emm Labs DAC6 for its top level CD playback and consider its SACD capability, which is also excellent, a bonus. What this player does with redbook CD's is nothing short of amazing -- and yet -- SACD is even better.
Now, I have over 100 SACD's and I enjoy them immensely. Considering what this player does with redbook CD, comparing it to the price of the other top CD players in the market, the Linn, the Burmeister, Purcel/Elgar, then considering the added bonus of SACD, the Emm Labs, IMO, offers excellent value -- you must audition this player!
Thank you to all those who responded.

My statement "I have not seen much written about its abilities with redbook CD" referred principally to the stereo rags.

That said, I admit that, after posting this thread, I did what I should have done prior to posting it, which is to look hard for similar threads, at which point I saw the 2.3 octillion threads about the Meitner gear. So the "what planet has this guy been on" reaction was fully justified -- my apologies.

So, to sum up, is he manufacturing and shipping (i) the two-channel version of the DAC and (ii) manufacturing and shipping the new EMM transport?, or is the poor stepwife Phillips transport still part of the package

Many thanks

PS - Frank, I lived in Detroit metro for six years, but alas, left twelve years ago. Thanks for the invite
Sometime in May, look in the forums for a comparison between the Meitner and my loaded Wadia 27ix/270se for the Ultimate Redbook Showdown.

For the last 9 months, I have had the Absolute Truth modified Sony XA777es (by Dan Wright) in my system. I really enjoyed both the SACD and redbook capabilities of this machine in my system. Three weeks ago I took a chance on the Meitner (now called EMMLAB) DCC2, which is the 2 channel version of the Meitner DAC6 (it also has a preamp). I bought this machine without hearing it ( there was no real way for me without travelling) based on the Positive Feedback (there were 2) and the recent TAS review. Also I had a conversation with Richard Kern about 2 months ago about further modifing my XA777es' transport, and he mentioned that no modification was yet to the level of the Meitner, which he also owned. The DCC2 needs a modified Phillips SACD1000 or the proprietary Meitner transport (CDSD) to play SACD. I now use the XA777es as a transport (via a coax digital cable) to the DCC2. I have not yet used the DCC2 as preamp; it is a source to my Audionote preamp. Thus I can only play redbook currently and I have on order the Meitner/EMMLAB transport for SACD capability (expected in May). I have both the Sony and DCC2 connected to the preamp as sources, so I easily can compare their redbook abilities by just switching sources on my preamp (I have to also adjust their respective levels to compare apples to apples) .

I was completely taken by surprise by the difference. The DCC2 is unbelievably transparent with a background that is almost absent. It had so much more air, dynamics, low level detail, etc. that after a day I stopped comparing and now just listen to the DCC2. I still think that the modded Sony is an excellent machine for the price and in retrospect would still go the same path (it is clear that Dan Wright and other modifiers do excellent work). Ihave enjoyed my interaction with Dan. In my system, I have also listened to the Krell SACD and MF trivista SACD players (on loan from local dealer/friend). I have not listened to Accuphase/Linn/dCS. However, IMO/IMS/IME there is a large gulf of performance between the DCC2 and the anything else digital I have listened to. Also in my system, to my complete amazement, the DCC2 is comparable to vinyl ( I have a pretty good analog system.) I wonder how Meitner is able to do manufacture this remarkable and enjoyable machine. I eagerly await the transport, which apparently because of near zero jitter via its glass optic cabling and clock system, improves redbook even further. The DCC2 preamp/DAC and CDSD transport are expensive (retail 15K), but I am happy with the value I have gotten.

RTN1 Rob did the May showdown occur? results?
Rob, I, too, would love to hear of your findings in the Wadia/Meitner "shootout". As the previous owner of a mid level GNSC modded 270/27i combo, Audio Aero Capitole Mk.II, Meitnerized Philips SACD 1000/DAC 6, Switchman II, and, for the last 24 hours- CDSD/DCC2 I would put the Wadia 270/27i at the bottom of the afore mentioned digital front-ends. The Meitner gear is in a different league than the others. I will comment on the CDSD/DCC2 vs. the original Meitner configuration after further burn-in, but at first blush I'm hearing definite improvements in sound-stage and overall musicality in the new Meitner combo over the 1st generation. Again, I will be in a better position to comment more conclusively afer I've spent more time with the CDSD & DCC2. I would be very suprised that, in a blind test, many- if any- listeners would chose the Wadia (regardles of any level of GNSC mod) over the original or new Meitner gear.
FMPND--I'm surprised that you haven't moved on to the DCC2. I did.
Fbhifi, is there improvement in the DCC2 over the DAC6/Switchman combo? Is it in the software?
The first part of the showdown will occur in a week. We've been waiting for the Meitner transport to come and have some hours put on it. Stay tuned.

hello Rob where you been lately? Haven't seen you posting much recently. Thought you had disappeared. Justin in California
I've had the DCC 2 for a quite awhile and still using the Phillips transport. With the Dac 6 or the Dcc 2 the redbook is very good. But,I have changed my powercords. I had Elods signatures and felt they were too dry and up front for my taste. I am currently using Shunyata VX and am very pleased. I did have the new tranport in my system for an afternoon and it was better. I don't have the cash for the new transport but will purchase down the road. When people are doing these [shoot outs] I hope that they change the cabling around to maximize what each component has to offer. In my system, it would be hard to believe that it gets much better at this time.
I ditto Saxman2's post. I have the CDSD and I heard it on both the DCC2 and the DAC6e. Cabling is very system dependent and everyone knows there is a difference in what you hear between cord and interconnects.
What about DCC2's preamp musicality? Has anyone just used the pre-amp function and connect to power amps, sans another pre-amp,unlike rgwrjs?

Or would u recommend using another quality pre-amp?

I have ordered both CDSD and DCC2...have been waiting for ever but will be getting them within a week. So excited?
there are more raves about redbook with this setup than SACD from what I've seen.
I have the DCC2/CDSD combo, and the redbook performance is nothing short of staggering. I've listened to top-flight players/DACS from Burmester, Audio Aero, Wadia, Arcam, and a few others, and the EMM stuff trumps them all in most parameters. I don't know if it's as good as it gets, but it's good enough for me. And it made me stop thinking about vinyl . . . finally.