Meitner DAC 6-Roll call

Who here either has on order or actually possesses the new Meitner dac 6 and Philips combo? Also, what is your associated equipment? I currently have Avalon Osiris speakers with Krell 750 MCX monos. The surrounds are mini-utopias with a BAT 7200 MC amp.My su(s) is/are a REL Stentor II. I have both hooked up, but will run the Meitner output to one only through the second input.I have a good anolog setup, but that's not the point of this question.

David Shapiro
David nice to see you've made the move, I think you made the right choice with the source! I have a Meitner DCC2 ordered(the 2 channel DAC6, it also has a volume control and 2 analog inputs so it functions as a preamp as well) as well as the philips transport. Worth making note of is that Ed Meitner is no longer modifying Philips players and is producing his own, so if you don't have philips already you aren't going to be able to get one. The rest of my system can be viewed on the virtual systems: BAT VK-500w/bat pak, Magnepan 3.6R, all with Jena Labs wiring through out. The magnepan's are in the process of HEAVY modification and room treatment has been addressed with Helmholtz resonators.

Fwiw I only know of one other person using his DAC6 for multichannel and I don't think he posts here, over at audioasylum his moniker/name is Ted_smith.
I don't have it, but have heard it on several occasions. The fellow I got my SCD-1 from (Tom Jung, DMP records) has one and uses it (DAC-8) in his mastering suite. A nice setup to be sure. (Great guy too). He posts things for sale here, not sure if he gets into the forums at all. tjdmp is his moniker here. The SCD-1 I have is modified by Meitner to have DSD outputs, so I could potentially use it with the DAC2 (or 6, though would be a bit of a waste of 4 channels of DAC).

Hi David- As I previously told you, I couldn't wait for the new room to be built and hooked the Meitner up so the shakes would go away. You're gonna like it...............:-)