Megadeth New Compilation

Anyone heard this yet? Was listening to it on spotify and it seemed super over compressed. I did not like what I heard.
Yes well give yourself a big pat on the back. At least you noticed. Most of the poor schlubs around here haven't noticed Santana compresses the hell out of his, and he's been doing it a while now.
Yes it is compressed.
Yes you listened on Spotify which is a low res platform.
Not a good recipe.

But what do I know?
I still listen to tapes..........
Are are you referring to the one called Warheads on Foreheads?

If so I have to say it sounds good on Qobuz.
Yes mate, Warheads. Tried it on Spotify direct stream too, ...not good. Oh well, I like their music anyhow. 
Do you have access to Qobuz?
Spotify is not really comparable to Qobuz or Tidal for SQ.
Great extended catalogue but not the SQ.
Most cd releases these days are compressed and very loud.

 Worst ones I bought were the scorpions remasters, bought the Japan versions, the treble is so bad, it hurts to listen, I now listen to the much older CDs.