Medium-priced balanced interconnects for a 6 meter run

Having moved my equipment rack to the side and rear of my listening room, and having been persuaded that it is better to have long interconnects and short speaker cables than the other way round, I now need a fairly long XLR-terminated cable (5 or 6 meters) to get from my pre-amp (PS Audio BHK) to my power amps (PS Audio M700's) sitting next to the speakers.  I need to keep the cost under $1000, preferably well under.

Often when people recommend cables they don't distinguish between RCA's and XLR's, and they don't take into account the length needed.  But one frequent poster, Elizabeth, reported finding that her favorite reasonably-priced cable, Cardas Parsec, gave poor results when she used a longer run.  ( )  This leads me to wonder if it is safe to assume that a well-regarded IC, which has earned its reputation from people using the very common 1 meter lengths (or maybe 2) will necessarily sound good at much longer lengths.

Cables I am considering: Cerious Graphene Extreme; Iconoclast Generation 1, DH Labs Air Matrix, Morrow MA-4.  Or just get Belden or Canare from Blue Jeans Cable and put the money into something else.
Other suggestions?

I'd be particularly interested in hearing from folks who have used balanced cables in longer runs.
Thanks for your help.

HI Tcatch- I have used the DH Labs Air Matrix in 1M and 6M lengths with equal success.  IT is well made, uses great materials, is well shielded and dead-on neutral after break in ( not to start another thread on THAT topic).  You will be happy with that choice for sure.  Enjoy!
consider also Furutech DIY, FA-as22, as21 with FP-601MR,602FR XLR.
They want break the bank and they outperform many out there.