Medium Powered Tube Amps...BAT/ CJ/ARC

In the market for a medium powered tube amp to power Paradigm monitors. Not so concerned with bass output or control as that will be handled on the solid state side with some standalone subs. Music interests lean towards blues and rock.

Enclosed finished basement room is about 15 x 25 x 7 so volume levels need only be reasonable. What are suggestions to power the top end? I've zeroed in on the BAT VK-60, the CJ MV60SE, and the ARC VS55, just based on reviews and have heard none. Your comments would be appreaciated!
Of the three amps you listed, the MV60SE is by far the better amp. It is cleaner, more detailed, more musical, more accurate, etc. I do not know what else to say. It is not sterile. It is not brash. It is not vieled anywhere. You can listen to the music and never look back.
ARC is better to use combo for the best performance. I have ever heard SP16+VS500 driving Watt Sophia. Very tempt sound.