Medium Floorstander for McIntosh/Esoteric CD 5000

I'd appreciate any suggestions as to a musical floorstander to mate with my current day McIntosh C2200 preamp and MC402 amp as well as my Esoteric DV-50S source. I use Purist Audio Venustas and Aqueous Anniv. interconnects and speaker cables and VH Audio Flavor 4 power cords. My room size is 14 X 16 X 8.5 feet and is open on one side. Room treatment will be in place in weeks. I'd like some recommended matches to my gear that can dig deep in the bass and provide and natural yet extended mids and highs without being too forward sounding. I like a warm, deep sound. Currently, I use the Dynaudio C1's and though very nice at the mids and highs, they simply cannot, as a monitor, hit the low frequencies as though I'd like. Thank you all in advance for your time and replies. Dave
The title was supposed to read "Medium Floorstander for McIntosh/Esoteric less than 5000. Sorry.

Hello. Two floorstanders come to mind. Coincident and Hyperion. Both are well under $5000 and are tube friendly too.

happy hunting!
You really should listen to the Dali Helican 400s. I think they're about $4,500, but certainly don't sound it. If I set up a second system, they're the first things I will consider.
The new B&W 803S come in at $5,500 a little over your budget but well worth an audition.