Media Software

I am in the process of ripping my CD’s with EAC to my PC. In the past when I have used media files I opted fro MP3 (it made sense way back in the day when 4GB of Hard drive space would set you back $200). No with cheap storage it makes sense to start using WAV files (and yes the sound quality is better). However on of the outstanding advantages to MP3 (apart from it being non proprietary open format) is the ID tag thing, meaning almost any media player can recognize and catalogue the files.
I am having a terrible time with WAV files as nothing seems to want to catalogue them straight from EAC. What people have done and what media player are they using – PC based.
you can convert the wavs to either .shn or .flac (both LOSSLESS compression) and use winamp with the appropriate plugins to decode them on the fly while listening.

i would not touch mp3 with a 99 1/2 foot pole.


I second what Ketchup stated - MP3's suck! Follow the links in his post.