media center verse's dvd player for plasma

Wondering instead of buying a good dvd player say a pioneer 47txi. For my soon to come plasma,will a good video card say a ati x800xt pci in the media center computor work better for dvd video ,or anything else I run through it[audio internet].Of coarse my main amp would be handling the power {pioneer vsx56txi,and M&K speaker sys]Is it to soon to have a all in one media center{quality not there yet]to take advantage of my plasma.Thanks Mluthier
There are some good media centers made out there and they are convenient and compact. My only concern would be do I have to replace the whole unit if one component fails. If you do more internet stuff rather than DVD's then it is probably the way to go.
A good video card with DVI output, plus "Theatertek" DVD playback software makes a GREAT source for feeding a plasma. I am using this with my Pioneer 5040HD and it makes a better DVD player than other I tried. The video card + software would be under $500, and easily surpass any DVD players in this price range.