Meddle US Orig Pressing....pecking order

Matrix info:.Smas 1 832 F16 #1, Smas 2 824 F9 no 4...sound is very clean with low noise...I know many prefer UK lps...but I couldn't pass on the immaculate condition...just curious...this a second pressing from Emi/ hatvest?
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Did you check discogs? That's usually where I start if looking for matrix
info. I just got a UK first of Meddle, cleaned it but haven't listened to it yet.
PS: check the 1975 US reissue, it looks like that might match yours.
Sometimes, you'll get a mongrel, that has the same stamper or deadwax
info as one identifiable release, on one side, with something completely
different on the other side, that doesn't seem to match a particular pressing.
For example, I just got yet another Monarch pressed copy of LZ1 that has
the AA 'RG' info on side 1(corresponding to a US first) , side 2 is something
else entirely!
Get Japan first issue. The sound is sublime. I have UK and I like Japan a bit better. You can get a mint Japan, probably not UK. That could be the reason I like my japan issue a little better.
Screw discogs, here is what you want:

I really like my Brit first pressing, but it's just rock music, so the sonics are only going to get you so far.
Better, Viridian. I had forgotten about that site, now that I've been buying some of the other Floyd albums (apart from Dark Side and Wish You Were Here), it is helpful to me. Thank you.
My pleasure Whart; I have learned a lot from your posts.
I checked with discogs and the pressing alligns with us original ...not sure which one...probably not going to worry about it...sounds fine to me...also have an ,80s reissue as back up
Update...this appears to be a later US pressing using Nueman vms 66 @ Tower Mastering, LA...possibly by Ken Perry