Measuring speakers.

Is anyone using any of the instruments that tell what the speakers are doing, like real time analyzers that come with microphones or spectrum analyzers (not sure if this is the same thing).
I would lke to see what happens to my bass as I move the speaker closer to the side walls.
What analyzer is recommended?
I use a several thousand dollar measurement/software suite that probably wouldn't be practical for most people.

The simplest would be to purchase the Rives Audio Test CD 2 and a Radio Shack SPL meter (if you don't have one):

If you would like an inexpensive PC-based spectrum analyzer, here's one at a very reasonable price (which I have not used, but have heard good things about from others who have):

If you would like a stand-alone portable spectrum analyzer, here's one:

And don't forget the pink noise generator:

Kinda makes the $21 for the Rives disc look pretty reasonable, doesn't it?


ps - once again the links all look the same but they seem to work properly.
The equipment and knowledge to measure speakers accurately in a room and then to use the knowledge are quite a big deal.

The equations for where to put your speakers for best bass balance semm to work very well, why not just use them?

One of my favorites is the Cardas Audio site. Go to; insights, room setup. There are many other sites with similar information.
Try a google on EQ Room Wizard.

Note that when you play a test tone from a CD with a simple Rat Shack meter then the meter is seeing all the energy including harmonic distortion effects...a spectrum analyzer will allow you to see harmonic distortion from a pure test sine wave. (For example a 20 Hz test tone played with 50% harmonic distortion at the first fundamental of 40Hz with a 12 db room mode boost also at 40 Hz will give you a misleading impression of oodles of bass at 20 Hz..but what you have is a 40 Hz partial tone dominating the sound!)

A spectrum analyzer is the only way to go if you are serious about this...but it will disappoint you in the ultra LF (when you find out all what you thought is music is more a mixture of speaker harmonic distortion and room mode effects)