Meadowlark Swift...How do they sound?


I just heard a pair of the Swifts today. They have that Meadowlark quality about them. They are very smooth and easy to listen to, however they sounded a little lean in the bass. Having said that they were brand new and not yet broken in. Also the room was rather large.
They would be best used in a small room, had a front port so placement should not be a problem.
The look is very modern and unique, (I like it). I have a pair of Hotrod Kestrals, the Swifts did not sound as good.
Thank you so much... I like how they look, also. Herve1
I heard a pair that were in a large room and were broken in.

They are very nice and musical. Bass was surprisingly heavy and full. I would guess that what you heard were not broken in enough or lacked in amplification.

They seem to be an extreme value in my opinion.
I think they they are the best value in audio (perhpas bettered by the Dynaudio 1.8) I heard them demoes at my audiphile society meeting by the owner/designer Pat McGinty. These are small speakers, but Pat has managed aremarkable amount of bass out of them. grnted the amps the demo were using are the Plinius Class A 250 watt monsters, but it was impressive. Huge soundstage, impressive bass (for its size), and a musical rightness that speakers costing lots more never achieve ie. B&W :-)

please don't think you need high powered amps for these speakers either, Pat tests with all variety of amps even receivers just to make sure they sound decent on a wide variety of systems. He also uses DH labs cables