Meadowlark speakers

I'm looking for a good value in a low priced floorstander. I've seen excellent reviews of the whole Meadowlark line, which has recently gone out of production. I'm thinking of the Kestrel Hotrod or Kestrel 2. Anyone have an opinion regarding which model is best?

On this site there are several that have been available for sale for quite a while. Is there something wrong with Meadowlarks that they have gone out of production and that the models listed on Audiogon are'nt selling?

On a more obscure note, I read that the port in transmission line speakers is not responsible for much bass output. Does that mean that the rear ported Kestrel can be placed closer to the rear wall than other ported models?

Thanks for the help,
Peter Ennis
the meadowlark line is a tube friendly transmition line design that has a sweet midrange. though they don't have the rock solid bass of pmc or fried, they dont need big power to drive them. the fact they are out of business is not because they are an unworthy product. they were victims of extreme growth (which often results in poor cashflow). they are very well made, and are compatible with most quality ss gear too. lots of good buys now
I have Shearwater Hot Rods and love 'em, but I haven't owned a Kestrel or Kestrel 2. Obviously Meadowlark being out of business means you can't get factory service any more. That may have a small impact on used prices. However AFAIK all Meadowlark parts except the cabinets are off-the-shelf, and still available.

My Shearwaters seem to like being out into the room a bit, 3 feet or so from the short wall of my 13' x 22' room.

Meadowlark's bankruptcy had to do with market factors, not with anything wrong in the speakers, from what I've been told. I hope to see the McGintys back again.

I have experience only with the original Kestrel but compared to other speakers I've owned or listened to in that price range I can recommend them very highly. They seem to do well with every kind of music and not be that critical about placement. At the prices they're now going for they are a real bargain.
I have a pair of Heron i,speakers and if you can find a pair of these for sale pick them up. They do just about everything right and have more bass response than what you are considering.Panic selling of these speakers for low prices is good news as you can get speakers on the cheap that someday will be called classics.
Upfront I must say I'm one of those with Meadowlarks listed on Audiogon now.
I own both Kestrel Hot Rods and Shearwater Hot Rods, both bought used. Mine were purchased before Meadowlark went under but still at what I consider bargain prices. The Kestrel Hot Rods are a hard speaker to beat for what they are selling for used. They have a very smooth and easy to listen to sound. This is achieved without losing detail or resolution; excellent bass for their size also. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a small floorstander or even someone looking for a stand mounted speaker as they don't take up any more space than stands and image exceptionally well.
BTW my Shearwaters are being sold because we're in the process of building a house and living in an apartment, no room for them. Once the house is built and the listening room is ready, another Meadowlark product, probably Herons, will be highly considered.
If you are looking for a small "floorstander," you sure should listen to the Spendor S5e. It is a great speaker for the money and size ($1,800 and 30" high). You can live with the bottom end not going to the basement because it is so harmonius and balanced. It is lightning fast and very revealing of the music... and, of the equipment before it. I use the Audio Research VSi55 integrated amp and Denon 3910 SACD/CD player. A tremendous soundstage and music producer without selling your Subway franchise! Just go take a listen. Meadowlark made some good speakers... but, not any better than the Spendors. The only speaker I would give my S5e up for is the S8e... and, it's another $1,200 up the scale.