Meadowlark "New" Kestral 2: Anyone Heard Them??

Meadowlark introduced their "new" Kestral 2 speaker at CES 2003. Did anyone hear them at the show, or after; or, currently own them?? If so, how good a speaker is it in terms of bass response, soundstaging and imaging. And,is it "musical" and draw the listener into the music?? How does this speaker compare to Gershman's "Cameleon" which was also show at the Show?? Which one qualifies as "hi-end" sound?? Both speakers are well under $2000. Should make for a an interesting comparison. Thank you!!
I spent an hour with the Kestrel 2's at my dealers and they were nothing short of amazing. I haven't had a chance to compare them to the Chameleons but I have compared them to the Thiel 1.6's and I thought that while they were both good, I preferred the sound of the Kestrels. They were a little more smooth but with a little less detail. Bass response was great, as was imaging and soundstage. It is very compelling. I guess it all comes down to what you prefer. If you've heard the swift or old kestrels, the new Kestrel sounds a little like those but with a fuller range, better dynamics, and quite a bit more detail. Just better overall. I hope this helps.
A4ryan, Thank you very much!! You overview of the Kestrel 2 gives me more information to make a decision. Regards, Jim