Meadowlark owners

What speaker cables are Meadowlark owners using? I'm looking at a budget speaker cable that is better than my Kimber 8PR. I've been considering Nordost Solar Wind. Anyone try this combo? Thanks for all your help.
Well, they're internally wired with Cardas. That could be a good match potentially. The hot rod is internally wired with Tara cable. Also, I had good luck with Transparent Reference but that wouldn't be considered budget as the cables cost more than the speakers. I found it to be an amazing match though.
I have a pair of Shearwater Hot Rods and a Sima Celeste W-4070 SS amp.

I use Ensemble Voiceflux--very good cables that I think you'll have to find used, but they won't cost you too much if you do.
if you have hot rods, i recommend internally re-configuring them for single-wire operation. i've had good results with Acrotec 1030s 6N solid core speaker cable.
I use JPS superconductor 2's, I went from DH labs to the SC2's and it was dramatic. Have listened to synergistic and transparent but both were constricted compared to the JPS cables.
I think my shearwaters have t14 in them.
Did you use the t14 or q10? Were they biwired?
DH Labs Q-10 are the cables on my Blue Herons (previously used them on my Heron-i as well.)

Nice cable for the $. However, I have not done much comparing to other brands.