Meadowlark Nightingale, Wilson WP7, Aerial 20 T

Meadowlark Nightingale looks alot like the Wilson WP 7. How do they differ? What about the Vandy 5A's and Ariel 20T. How does the first group fare against the second group??? Compared to the Parcifals, Focal-JM labs Nova Utopia, Kharma Ceramique 3.2?
You need to audition stuff, because they all sound dramatically different.

If you narrow it down, then we can help.


keep in mind where you live. In the USA, the JMLabs are a hard sell. Fantastic, but your paying for cross Atlantic shipping. In Europe, they are hard to beat.

The Kharma's sound fantastic. Fantastic. But, I hate them. As stated above, this isn't really an even set, except for maybe the WP7 and the Aerials (extrapolating what I hear in the 10Ts and applying the implied design differences. How's that for vague!).