Meadowlark Nighthawk vs Von Schweikert VR4 SE

I am considering upgrading my speaker to either the Meadowlark Nighthawk or the Von Schweikert VR4 SE. My present system includes: Audio Aero Prima cdp, Belles 21a pre,Belles 150A REFERENCE amp, Von Schweikert vr2, harmonic technology pro-silway mk111 ic and pro-9 spk. cables.
I find the sound of the VS vr2 to be on the forward side in the mids & highs and not quite as warm & transparent as I would like. Don't get me wrong guys, the VR2 are really excellent speakers in there own right($2500/great bass),but I just want something better overall and am willing to spend the bucks in the price range of about $6000 new. However, I am not able to audition these two speakers in my area and would like some help as to which speaker would be less forward(mids & highs) and more warmer-sweeter overall.
Thank You.
I had the opportunity to audition the VR4 SE and currently own the Nighthawk, so you already know which one I preferred. With that being stated, they are both GREAT speakers for their given price point. The stregnths of the VR4 in my opinion, were the bass went a bit deeper and were perhaps a bit more dynamic in their performance. The Nighthawks are dynamic, but the bass doesn't have that last bottom "slam." The Nighthawks, to my ears, did reproduce the mids more natural. Very musical, non fatiguing. The Nighthawks just got the music right, and the bass is very tuneful all the way down... no one note bass. Looking at your system, I am sure both speakers would work, however with your desire to have a speaker less forward I would opt for the Meadowlark Nighthawk. I chose strictly on sonics, however another factor is the aesthetix, and as my better half pointed out (after I chose the Meadowlarks) "those ugly black socks over that box is not going in our house." Your mileage may vary. Hope this is of some help.
Audiofanki, thanks for the response. It is most helpful.
2 questions: 1. What did you mean when you wrote " one note bass"?
2. Do you think the Belles 150a Reference amp(125w/ch)is enought amp to fully exploit the qualities of the Nighthawk or should I consider bridgeing two of them together(500w/ch)?
Thank You
Blaineaf, when I wrote "no one note bass" I meant the Nighthawk is not guilty of this. Some speakers tend to have an exagerrated or over emphasized bass at a certain frequency that stands out more than other bass notes... The Nighthawks are quite refined and tuneful in the bass, without emphasis in any one area.

I would think your current system should handle the Nighthawks just fine. I am running mine with 170 wpc tube amps, however they are a 4 Ohm speaker with a 91 sensitivity. It would also depend on if you are in extremely large room or not, but assuming you are in a medium sized room or smaller I would imagine your current setup should drive the Nighthawks fine.

You may also want to take the time to give Pat McGinty @ Meadowlark a call, as he is very knowledgeable and very eager to answer any questions.
I have not heard the Nighthawks but have heard other Meadowlark Speakers and they are hard to beat. I would contact them directly. I currently own Sonus Fabers which I am thrilled with as I prefer accurate imaging and a warmer sweeter tonality as you describe. If I went to a bigger listening room and needed a floorstander opposed to a monitor, the Meadowlark line would be first on my short list.. I wish you luck!