Meadowlark Nighthawk, Heron, Heron i, Blue Heron 2

I am looking for opinions from Meadowlark speaker owners who have experience with the speakers I listed above. I left off the Blue Heron (original model) because of issues with the gas tweeter and no direct replacement option. I am interested in how the Nighthawks compare to the Heron line first hand experience. I am also interested in knowing where if any the dirvers can be replaced for each model.

Happy Listening.
I have had the Blue Heron 2's for 6 or 7 years and could not be happier. Have not heard them, but I believe the Nighthawks have integrated subs. The 2's can punch you in the stomach with its bass. I also believe that ScanSpeak made the drivers for the 2's.
Thanks GMC. I read some of your posts on the BH2s and I just purchased the Nighthawks for a song. I amost pull th etrigger on the BH 1s but got cold feet about the tweeter. Where are you located?
i am in dallas, tx. so you got the nighthawks.. very cool.
I am looking to hook up with an audio club in Texas to introduce my new preamp (transfomer coupled DHT). Do you belong to a club or know of one?

Bigkidz, i do not belong to a club here. i think there is or was an audio club area in audiogon where groups can come together and meet.

E-mail Audiogon member Albertporter about audio clubs in Texas.
...or check out the North Texas Audio Jam over at AudioCircle.