Meadowlark Kestral Hotrods vs. Shearwater Hotrods

Anyone heard them both. Thinking about buying a pair for a large room. Using Classe CAV-75 6 channel bridged to 3 150wpc. Center channel is Joseph Audio Cinergy 5.1
For a two channel music system, I'd definately go with the Shearwater (the woofer/mid driver is much better IMO). For home theater the Kestral might be a good choice with a sub and the Meadowlark Petrel center channel for a good match sonically. (I'm not familiar with the Joseph Audio Cinergy 5.1.)
I have owned Kestral HO's, have heard Shearwater HO's, and own Heron HO's. For a large room get the Herons. Not only do they sound better in every aspect but you really need a sub with the Kestral's and Shearwater's. A sub is definitely not necessary with Herons. The only potential problem is that the Kestrals and to a lesser extent the Shearwaters are much more forgiving of weak links in your system. Herons will make system deficienceis known. They are great speakers and way ahead of the Kestrals and Shearwaters.