Meadowlark Heron i compared to Revel F-50 or F-30?

Anyone heard or own Meadowlark Heron "i" speakers It appears to be a well designed product backed by a strong company but gets little attention. The Revel F-50 is about the same price, but there are no reviews(or interest for)about it. Has anyone heard them??? Finally, can the smaller Revel F-30 compete with the Meadowlark Heron "i" or is it out of its performance league??
I have heard both at different places but with the same electronics. I bought my own cables to keep things as equal as possible. Overall, I prefer the Heron. It is more musical and transparent. I was captivated by the sound and music. I liked the Revel, but it presented itself a bit more analytical, which is not what I prefer.
I have the Heron-i. When I was out looking for new speaks, I traveled to NYC to audition both the F-30 and the "i" version of the Heron. Both were fairly new at the time.

There was no comparrison. The Heron-i are much more musical and natural sounding and transparent. Like all Meadowlark speakers they "disappear."

I am looking to upgrade to Meadowlark's Blue Heron. If you are interested in a beautiful used pair of Heron-i, let me know.

There is no question...Meadowlark speakers are truly built by music lovers who take pride in their craftsmanship.
I auditioned a pair recently, they sounded pretty nice. I would say they lean on the warm side, some may like it that way.
Has anyone heard the Meadowlark Blue Heron ? There have been no updates to this thread since 4/07/02. Any news about this speaker ? I am intrigued by the design: piezoelectric tweeter, transmission line loading for mids and bass, time aligned, first order crossovers. How does the Blue Heron compare to the competition in its price range ?