Meadowlark Blue Herron 2 vs. Usher 8871

I have not been able to find much information on either of these two speakers. I am considering a speaker upgrade and am curious as to how these two perform.

My current system consists of (link here on a'gon as well):

Meadowlark Audio Nighthawk speakers
First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II preamp
Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP cd player
H20 monoblocks (Ice based 250wpc into 8, 500wpc into 4ohm)
BPT 3.5 Signature Balanced Power conditioner
Electraglide Ultra Khan II and Mini Khan Plus power cords on all
Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X2 interconnects
Synergistic Research FX biwire X2 speaker cable.

Let me say I love the natural and lifelike sound of my Meadowlark Nighthawks currently. I would like to look for a similar presentation in a new speaker, however a bit more bottom end and perhaps a bit more dynamics. The Blue Herron 2 would most likely give me what I am looking for, however for twice the price it is not an easy decision.

Again, any comments on either the Usher 8871 or the Meadowlark Blue Herron 2's would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
The Usher is way more dynamic and has a far better finish quality
Just to post another opinion for anyone who is reading this thread in the archives, I would beg to differ with Aintitgr8 on the dynamics and the finish quality. I have a local audiophile, actually two with the Usher 8871's and while they are a lot of speaker for 8K, they are not more dynamic or as refined as the Blue Heron 2's. Nor, would I expect them to be, for there is quite a price difference. As for the finish quality on the Usher's you get a choice or walnut or birch, both are furniture quality, but that's it - vanilla or chocolate. No where near comparable with a totally customizable and custom woodwork job that Meadowlark offers.
As for better finish quality, I cannot seem to fathom how a design by D'Apolito could overlook to flare the ports on the back of the speaker at $8K to avoid port noise...

With that being said, it is a good sounding speaker, and a hell of a lot more speaker than most at 8K. To each their own & happy listening.
I enjoyed the Usher 8 series at CES very much. I thought they were very dtnamic. The finnish was nice no problem.

At the 8000 price point, I do prefer the Silverline Sonata 3, although I know this is not what you are asking.
The Meadowlark is time and phase coherent and I wouldn't go near a speaker that wasn't.
I second Stevecham's motion. There will come a day when coherence in the of time-and-phase domain will be a necessary condition for any speaker to be considered high fidelity. Run with the thoroughbreds, i.e., Dunlavy, Gallo Reference 3A, Green Mountain Audio, Meadowlark and Vandersteen. Usher is back in the pack with other also-ran nags.

Interesting- the meadowlark line up at CES was among the least impressive I heard.

Agree with the rec for Gallos and Green Mountian though--havent heard the Dunlavy.
Dunlavy... RIP (so sad)