Meadowlark Blue Herons

I am interested in these speakers. I listen mostly to jazz and R&B. I use Plinius electronics, Rega P25, Rega Planet, and old tuner. Any thoughts about these speakers?
I just bought a used pair and these are my impressions after about 10 hours listening:

They image very, very well. Multi- instrumental music sounds far more coherent than I've ever experienced before.

Soundstage is very wide with real depth.

Bass lacks visceral slam, but is very articulate and more than adequate.

They sound somewhat forward with CDs played through a CDP (Musical Design T1 w/Pioneer stable platter) modded to optimize use as a transport (My Audio Note DAC is out being upgraded to 4.1x Signature level).

If your Plinius gear tends to the warm side I think you'll love the Blue Herons. I've not heard the Rega CDP; it may end up the weak link in your system, as the Blue Herons will not be outdone by much more expensive a front end. That gives you a later avenue for system upgrade (Case in point: my transport/DAC combo will have cost $7000 once my upgraded DAC returns).

I can't see replacing my pair of Blue Herons without spending at least twice what these cost me used. They are an enormous improvement over speakers I bought a year ago at the same price (Mfr name withheld).
I agree with the last poster.The Rega didn't seem to match up well with the Meadowlarks in my auditions.I would pair them with a more exciting cdp for the kind of music you listen too.The Meadowlarks are known to be laid back.A laid back cdp might sound kinda boring.Good luck!