Meadowlark Blue Heron 2 versus the rest

Has anyone auditioned these speakers against the following:

Wilson Watt Puppy 7, Dali Euphonia MS 5, Avalon Eidolon, Verity Audio Parsifal Encore, Kharma Ceramique 3.2, Vandersteen 5A, Sonus Farber Amati

I listen to both classical, vocals and Jazz. I like tube amps in general and have been searching for the most holgraphic deep sound stage I can find. Any thoughts??
Perhaps this response is of zero help to you, but I mention that I have heard earlier iterations of the Meadowlarks, the Heron i, at Singer in NYC several years ago, and was extremely impressed. They just sounded right, and embarassed what was obviously a poorly synergized Krell / JM Labs system probably costing fifteen times more in another room at the dealer.

Several people I respect greatly in high-end audio hold Meadowlarks in unsually high esteem. The next time I change speakers, I will consider the BH II's, a they should be a very competently designed and built product.

As for the other speakers you mention, I've had unimpressive experiences with Amati Homages and WattPuppy 7's in dealer showrooms for perhaps 30 minutes each, but in both cases, they were partnered with electronics that were not to my liking, and you can't learn much in 30 minutes in an unfamiliar room (yes, I am a huge believer in in-home demo'ing of equipment, especially speakers)

Good luck.

PS - I own Revel Salons and V.A. Mahlers, and have no ulterior motive in promoting Meadowlark
I have had a pair of Blue 2's for 3 months now. They have finally broken in, maybe after 600 or so hours. They make me smile and always distract me from multi-tasking. You find yourself putting down the paper, the book, or the laptop. The sound is anything but forced. It is completely relaxed and full. I listen to jazz and old-guy rock, 95% of the time via analog. I also drive with tubes from the phono-pre through the mono blocks. They are flawlessly put together and just sound amazing.