Meadowlark and Jolida compatible?

I am putting together a second system with a Jolida 302B and their 100A CD player. I was wondering if anyone has experience running these or similar components into Meadolark speakers. I am interested in their smallest models in particular for a small bedroom application.
I ran Jolida 1501 w/upgraded input tubes into the Swifts in a second system and thought the combo was excellent. Very nice sound. The Swifts would have worked with less power but I didn't mind having a little extra, better than too little.
I auditioned the Kestrel 2s with the Jolida 202A. An excellent combination! I think the two way meadowlarks like the el-34 tube. You might have to steer away from using tubes that are overly warm or rolled off to avoid having the highs be too reserved.
Thanks, I found adealer in San Jose that sells both Jolida dn Meadowlark so I'll be heading down there for an audition of this combination within the next week or two. So far the CD player is turning out to be quite the value.