MDF vs. Steel Speaker Stands

I am looking for stands for Spendor SA1's, which are 12"H x 6.5"W x 7.5" D. Do you have an opinion on whether stands with steel posts are superior to MDF posts? Any recommendations on stands that do not cost a fortune, i.e., $150 or less? (The Spendor stands for these list price $2195 small bookshelf speakers are prohibitively expensive ($650); what were they thinking?) Thank you.

I like steel, especialy since it is mass loadable.

I'd look for some osiris audionics stands. they should be $200-250 used, but are as good as any stand I've ever heard and are built to withstand wwIII
Simple but nice steel stands are available from B&W for $99.
These include spikes /pads for floor and speaker.
Two post coluum is sand fill-able.
I don't think steel is "superior" to MDF, but the two materials sound different, the MDF being somewhat less forward, IMO. You can mass load MDF stands, as the PVC posts are hollow. For a small speaker like the Spendor, Skylan can make you up a nice 2-post stand that should do the job just fine. Don't skimp on the stands. They are part of the speaker/room interface and greatly affect the sound.
I agree with Chayro, the Skylan stands would work nicely. That is what I use with my Spendor 3/1 speakers. I mass loaded them with a combination of lead shot and kitty litter.
Skylans work great..Sand and Kitty liter for me ...I use the 4 posters with 2/3 filled.....KLH 6/Skylan rehab project.Looks great and sound fantastic...Noel is a great guy to deal with too..........
Thanks to all for very hepful comments. I will contact Skylan and see what they can do.

The cheapest way to go is go Home Depot!!!!!!!!

1pc. of 4"x 8" x 6' ( Douglas Fir)..$8.00 (ask them to cut size desire)

1pc of 2" x 2"x ?..$20..(ask them to cut 6.5"x7.5" top base
and 12"x 13" for bottom base or larger?

Order 8 spikes for $30 and install.

I did mine and heavy enough as you can see in my virtual system w/Proac Studio 110..almost like your spendor.

Just sharing.
I have gone back and fourth on this, I have Skylan and Target steel stands for my Spendors, they do not sound the same. The steel has more top end and retail, the MDF more laid back. I have some Micro Bearings ordered to load the steel stands, I took the kitty litter out of the Skylan . I like the steel better at the moment but am still working on them. The Atacama stands look good and are not too high.
If you decide on MDF, Scott should be able to build you what you want within your budget...